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GPTPart Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void BlankPartition (void)
void ChangeType (void)
int DoTheyOverlap (const GPTPart &other)
Attributes GetAttributes (void)
string GetDescription (void)
uint64_t GetFirstLBA (void) const
uint16_t GetHexType (void)
uint64_t GetLastLBA (void) const
uint64_t GetLengthLBA (void)
PartTypeGetType (void)
string GetTypeName (void)
const GUIDData GetUniqueGUID (void) const
int IsUsed (void)
GPTPartoperator= (const GPTPart &orig)
void RandomizeUniqueGUID (void)
void ReversePartBytes (void)
void SetAttributes (uint64_t a)
void SetAttributes (void)
void SetDefaultDescription (void)
void SetFirstLBA (uint64_t f)
void SetLastLBA (uint64_t l)
void SetName (const string &n)
void SetType (PartType t)
void SetType (uint16_t hex)
void SetUniqueGUID (GUIDData u)
void ShowAttributes (uint32_t partNum)
void ShowDetails (uint32_t blockSize)
void ShowSummary (int partNum, uint32_t blockSize)

Protected Attributes

Attributes attributes
uint64_t firstLBA
uint64_t lastLBA
unsigned char name [NAME_SIZE]
PartType partitionType
GUIDData uniqueGUID

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file gptpart.h.

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