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PartNotes Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int AddToEnd (struct PartInfo *newOne)
int AddToStart (struct PartInfo *newOne)
int CanBeLogical (int partNum)
int ChangeType (int partNum, int newType)
int FindExtended (int &start)
int GetActiveStatus (int partNum)
int GetGptNum (int partNum)
uint8_t GetMbrHexType (int i)
int GetNextInfo (struct PartInfo *info)
int GetNumExtended ()
int GetNumLogical ()
int GetNumParts ()
int GetNumPrimary ()
int GetType (int partNum)
int IsLegal (void)
int IsSorted (void)
int MakeChange (int partNum)
int MakeItLegal (void)
 PartNotes (GPTPart *parts, GPTData *gpt, int num, int blockSize)
int PassPartitions (GPTPart *parts, GPTData *gpt, int num, int blockSize)
void RemoveDuplicates (void)
void Rewind (void)
void SetMbrHexType (int i, uint8_t type)
void SetType (int partNum, int type)
void ShowSummary (void)
void ToggleActiveStatus (int partNum)
void TrimSmallestExtended (void)

Protected Member Functions

void DeleteNotes (void)

Protected Attributes

int blockSize
int currentIndex
struct PartInfocurrentNote
struct PartInfo dummyNote
int gptTableSize
struct PartInfonotes

Detailed Description

Definition at line 51 of file partnotes.h.

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