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// C++ Interface: GUIDData
// Description: GUIDData class header
// Implements the GUIDData data structure and support methods
// Author: Rod Smith <rodsmith@rodsbooks.com>, (C) 2010
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution


#include <stdint.h>
#include <string>

// Have to play games with uuid_t since it's defined in incompatible ways
// for Unix (libuuid) vs. Windows
#ifdef _WIN32
typedef unsigned char my_uuid_t[16];
#include </usr/include/uuid/uuid.h>
typedef uuid_t my_uuid_t;

using namespace std;

// Note: This class's data size is critical. If data elements must be added,
// it will be necessary to modify various GPT classes to compensate.
00033 class GUIDData {
      my_uuid_t uuidData;
      string DeleteSpaces(string s);
      GUIDData(const GUIDData & orig);
      GUIDData(const char * orig);

      // Data assignment operators....
      GUIDData & operator=(const GUIDData & orig);
      GUIDData & operator=(const string & orig);
      GUIDData & operator=(const char * orig);
      void Zero(void);
      void Randomize(void);

      // Data tests....
      int operator==(const GUIDData & orig) const;
      int operator!=(const GUIDData & orig) const;

      // Data retrieval....
      string AsString(void) const;
}; // class GUIDData

ostream & operator<<(ostream & os, const GUIDData & data);


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