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GPTData Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int Align (uint64_t *sector)
void BeQuiet (int i=1)
void BlankPartitions (void)
int ChangePartType (uint32_t pn, PartType theGUID)
int CheckGPTSize (void)
int CheckHeaderCRC (struct GPTHeader *header)
int CheckHeaderValidity (void)
int ClearGPTData (void)
uint32_t ComputeAlignment (void)
uint32_t CountParts (void)
uint32_t CreatePartition (uint32_t partNum, uint64_t startSector, uint64_t endSector)
int DeletePartition (uint32_t partNum)
int DestroyGPT (void)
int DestroyMBR (void)
void DisplayGPTData (void)
void DisplayMBRData (void)
uint64_t FindFirstAvailable (uint64_t start=0)
int FindFirstFreePart (void)
uint64_t FindFirstInLargest (void)
uint64_t FindFreeBlocks (uint32_t *numSegments, uint64_t *largestSegment)
int FindHybridMismatches (void)
int FindInsanePartitions (void)
uint64_t FindLastAvailable ()
uint64_t FindLastInFree (uint64_t start)
int FindOverlaps (void)
int ForceLoadGPTData (void)
uint32_t GetAlignment (void)
void GetAttribute (const uint32_t partNum, const string &attributeBits)
uint32_t GetBlockSize (void)
DiskIOGetDisk (void)
const GUIDDataGetDiskGUID (void) const
uint64_t GetFirstUsableLBA (void)
uint64_t GetLastUsableLBA (void)
uint64_t GetMainHeaderLBA (void)
uint64_t GetMainPartsLBA (void)
uint32_t GetNumParts (void)
int GetPartRange (uint32_t *low, uint32_t *high)
uint64_t GetSecondHeaderLBA (void)
uint64_t GetSecondPartsLBA (void)
WhichToUse GetState (void)
 GPTData (string deviceFilename)
int IsFree (uint64_t sector, uint32_t *partNum=NULL)
int IsFreePartNum (uint32_t partNum)
int IsUsedPartNum (uint32_t partNum)
void JustLooking (int i=1)
int LoadGPTBackup (const string &filename)
int LoadMainTable (void)
int LoadMBR (const string &f)
int LoadPartitions (const string &deviceFilename)
int LoadSecondTableAsMain (void)
void MakeProtectiveMBR (void)
int ManageAttributes (int partNum, const string &command, const string &bits)
void MoveSecondHeaderToEnd ()
int OnePartToMBR (uint32_t gptPart, int mbrPart)
GPTDataoperator= (const GPTData &orig)
const GPTPartoperator[] (uint32_t partNum) const
void PartitionScan (void)
void RandomizeGUIDs (void)
void RebuildMainHeader (void)
void RebuildSecondHeader (void)
void RecomputeCHS (void)
void RecomputeCRCs (void)
void ReverseHeaderBytes (struct GPTHeader *header)
void ReversePartitionBytes ()
int SaveGPTBackup (const string &filename)
int SaveGPTData (int quiet=0)
int SaveMBR (void)
void SetAlignment (uint32_t n)
int SetDisk (const string &deviceFilename)
void SetDiskGUID (GUIDData newGUID)
int SetGPTSize (uint32_t numEntries)
int SetName (uint32_t partNum, const UnicodeString &theName)
int SetPartitionGUID (uint32_t pn, GUIDData theGUID)
void SetProtectiveMBR (BasicMBRData &newMBR)
void ShowAPMState (void)
void ShowAttributes (const uint32_t partNum)
void ShowGPTState (void)
void ShowPartDetails (uint32_t partNum)
void SortGPT (void)
int SwapPartitions (uint32_t partNum1, uint32_t partNum2)
virtual WhichToUse UseWhichPartitions (void)
bool ValidPartNum (const uint32_t partNum)
int Verify (void)
int VerifyMBR (void)
WhichToUse WhichWasUsed (void)
int WriteProtectiveMBR (void)
int XFormDisklabel (BSDData *disklabel)
virtual int XFormDisklabel (uint32_t partNum)
void XFormPartitions (void)

Protected Member Functions

int CheckTable (struct GPTHeader *header)
int LoadHeader (struct GPTHeader *header, DiskIO &disk, uint64_t sector, int *crcOk)
int LoadPartitionTable (const struct GPTHeader &header, DiskIO &disk, uint64_t sector=0)
int SaveHeader (struct GPTHeader *header, DiskIO &disk, uint64_t sector)
int SavePartitionTable (DiskIO &disk, uint64_t sector)

Protected Attributes

int apmFound
int beQuiet
uint32_t blockSize
int bsdFound
string device
uint64_t diskSize
int justLooking
int mainCrcOk
struct GPTHeader mainHeader
int mainPartsCrcOk
DiskIO myDisk
uint32_t numParts
MBRData protectiveMBR
int secondCrcOk
struct GPTHeader secondHeader
int secondPartsCrcOk
uint32_t sectorAlignment
GPTValidity state
WhichToUse whichWasUsed

Detailed Description

Definition at line 62 of file gpt.h.

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