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MBRData Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void AddPart (int num, const MBRPart &newPart)
int AreLogicalsContiguous (void)
GPTPart AsGPT (int i)
int BlankGPTData (void)
int CheckForGPT (void)
int CountParts (void)
int CreateExtended (void)
int DeleteByLocation (uint64_t start64, uint64_t length64)
int DeleteExtendedParts ()
int DeleteOversizedParts ()
void DeletePartition (int i)
void DiskSync (void)
void DisplayMBRData (void)
int DoMenu (const string &prompt="\nMBR command (? for help): ")
int DoTheyFit (void)
void EmptyBootloader (void)
void EmptyMBR (int clearBootloader=1)
uint64_t FindFirstAvailable (uint64_t start=1)
uint64_t FindFirstInFree (uint64_t start)
uint64_t FindLastInFree (uint64_t start)
int FindNextInUse (int start)
int FindOverlaps (void)
uint64_t FirstLogicalLBA (void)
uint64_t GetFirstSector (int i)
uint64_t GetLength (int i)
int GetPartRange (uint32_t *low, uint32_t *high)
uint8_t GetStatus (int i)
uint8_t GetType (int i)
MBRValidity GetValidity (void)
int IsLegal (void)
uint64_t LastLogicalLBA (void)
int LBAtoCHS (uint64_t lba, uint8_t *chs)
int MakeBiggestPart (int i, int type)
void MakeItLegal (void)
void MakeLogicalsContiguous (void)
void MakePart (int num, uint64_t startLBA, uint64_t lengthLBA, int type=0x07, int bootable=0)
void MakeProtectiveMBR (int clearBoot=0)
void MaximizeLogicals ()
void MaximizePrimaries ()
 MBRData (string deviceFilename)
int MovePrimariesToFirstFour (void)
int NumLogicals (void)
int NumPrimaries (void)
void OmitOverlaps (void)
MBRDataoperator= (const BasicMBRData &orig)
void OptimizeEESize (void)
void ReadCHSGeom (void)
int ReadLogicalPart (uint64_t extendedStart, uint64_t diskOffset, int partNum)
int ReadMBRData (DiskIO *theDisk, int checkBlockSize=1)
int ReadMBRData (const string &deviceFilename)
void RecomputeCHS (int partNum)
int RemoveLogicalsFromFirstFour (void)
int SectorUsedAs (uint64_t sector, int topPartNum=MAX_MBR_PARTS)
void SetBlockSize (uint32_t bs)
void SetDisk (DiskIO *theDisk)
void SetDiskSize (uint64_t ds)
void SetHybrid (void)
int SetInclusionwChecks (int num, int inclStatus)
int SetPartBootable (int num, int bootable=1)
int SetPartType (int num, int type)
void ShowCommands (void)
void ShowState (void)
void SortMBR (int start=0)
int SpaceBeforeAllLogicals (void)
void TrimPrimaries ()
void UpdateCanBeLogical (void)
int WriteMBRData (void)
int WriteMBRData (struct TempMBR &mbr, DiskIO *theDisk, uint64_t sector)
int WriteMBRData (const string &deviceFilename)
int WriteMBRData (DiskIO *theDisk)

Protected Member Functions

MBRPartGetPartition (int i)

Protected Attributes

uint32_t blockSize
int canDeleteMyDisk
uint8_t code [440]
string device
uint32_t diskSignature
uint64_t diskSize
uint16_t MBRSignature
uint16_t nulls
uint32_t numHeads
uint32_t numSecspTrack
MBRPart partitions [MAX_MBR_PARTS]
MBRValidity state

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file mbr.h.

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