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BasicMBRData Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void AddPart (int num, const MBRPart &newPart)
int AreLogicalsContiguous (void)
 BasicMBRData (string deviceFilename)
int BlankGPTData (void)
int CheckForGPT (void)
int CountParts (void)
int CreateExtended (void)
int DeleteExtendedParts ()
int DeleteOversizedParts ()
void DeletePartition (int i)
void DiskSync (void)
void DisplayMBRData (void)
int DoMenu (const string &prompt="\nMBR command (? for help): ")
int DoTheyFit (void)
void EmptyBootloader (void)
void EmptyMBR (int clearBootloader=1)
uint64_t FindFirstAvailable (uint64_t start=1)
uint64_t FindFirstInFree (uint64_t start)
uint64_t FindLastInFree (uint64_t start)
int FindNextInUse (int start)
int FindOverlaps (void)
uint64_t FirstLogicalLBA (void)
uint64_t GetFirstSector (int i)
uint64_t GetLength (int i)
int GetPartRange (uint32_t *low, uint32_t *high)
uint8_t GetStatus (int i)
uint8_t GetType (int i)
MBRValidity GetValidity (void)
int IsLegal (void)
uint64_t LastLogicalLBA (void)
int LBAtoCHS (uint64_t lba, uint8_t *chs)
int MakeBiggestPart (int i, int type)
void MakeItLegal (void)
void MakeLogicalsContiguous (void)
void MakePart (int num, uint64_t startLBA, uint64_t lengthLBA, int type=0x07, int bootable=0)
void MaximizeLogicals ()
void MaximizePrimaries ()
int MovePrimariesToFirstFour (void)
int NumLogicals (void)
int NumPrimaries (void)
void OmitOverlaps (void)
BasicMBRDataoperator= (const BasicMBRData &orig)
void ReadCHSGeom (void)
int ReadLogicalParts (uint64_t extendedStart, int partNum)
int ReadMBRData (const string &deviceFilename)
int ReadMBRData (DiskIO *theDisk, int checkBlockSize=1)
void RecomputeCHS (int partNum)
int RemoveLogicalsFromFirstFour (void)
int SectorUsedAs (uint64_t sector, int topPartNum=MAX_MBR_PARTS)
void SetBlockSize (uint32_t bs)
void SetDisk (DiskIO *theDisk)
void SetDiskSize (uint64_t ds)
void SetHybrid (void)
int SetInclusionwChecks (int num, int inclStatus)
int SetPartBootable (int num, int bootable=1)
int SetPartType (int num, int type)
void ShowCommands (void)
void ShowState (void)
void SortMBR (int start=0)
int SpaceBeforeAllLogicals (void)
void TrimPrimaries ()
void UpdateCanBeLogical (void)
int WriteMBRData (DiskIO *theDisk)
int WriteMBRData (const string &deviceFilename)
int WriteMBRData (void)
int WriteMBRData (struct TempMBR &mbr, DiskIO *theDisk, uint64_t sector)

Protected Member Functions

MBRPartGetPartition (int i)

Protected Attributes

uint32_t blockSize
int canDeleteMyDisk
uint8_t code [440]
string device
uint32_t diskSignature
uint64_t diskSize
uint16_t MBRSignature
uint16_t nulls
uint32_t numHeads
uint32_t numSecspTrack
MBRPart partitions [MAX_MBR_PARTS]
MBRValidity state

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file basicmbr.h.

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