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MBRPart Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

int CanBeLogical (void)
int CanBePrimary (void)
int DoTheyOverlap (const MBRPart &other)
void Empty (void)
uint8_t GetInclusion (void)
uint64_t GetLastLBA (void) const
uint64_t GetLengthLBA (void)
uint64_t GetStartLBA (void)
uint8_t GetStatus (void)
uint8_t GetType (void)
int LBAtoCHS (uint32_t lba, uint8_t *chs)
 MBRPart (const MBRPart &other)
bool operator< (const MBRPart &other) const
virtual MBRPartoperator= (const MBRPart &orig)
virtual MBRPartoperator= (const struct MBRRecord &orig)
int RecomputeCHS (void)
void ReverseByteOrder (void)
void SetCanBeLogical (int c)
void SetCanBePrimary (int c)
void SetGeometry (uint32_t heads, uint32_t sectors, uint64_t ds, uint32_t bs)
void SetInclusion (int status=PRIMARY)
void SetLengthLBA (uint64_t l)
void SetLocation (uint64_t start, uint64_t length)
void SetStartLBA (uint64_t s)
void SetStatus (uint8_t s)
int SetType (uint8_t typeCode, int isExtended=0)
void ShowData (int isGpt)
void StoreInStruct (struct MBRRecord *theStruct)

Protected Attributes

int canBeLogical
int canBePrimary
uint32_t firstLBA
uint8_t firstSector [3]
int includeAs
uint8_t lastSector [3]
uint32_t lengthLBA
uint8_t partitionType
uint8_t status

Static Protected Attributes

static uint32_t blockSize = 512
static uint64_t diskSize = 0
static uint32_t numHeads = MAX_HEADS
static int numInstances = 0
static uint32_t numSecspTrack = MAX_SECSPERTRACK

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file mbrpart.h.

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